Amazon Basics Pla

I wanted to find a cheap alternative to the pla I use now. Something I could get in a few days and not have to worry if I ever get it or not. The filament I have been using now (Maker Geek’s) I’m never sure if they are going to send it on time (or at all in some cases). So after some thought I went to the place everyone goes… Amazon. Let me tell you I was surprised by the selection of filaments that they have. If you want pla, abs, woodfill, or just about any other filament you could think of all ranging in price. After seeing all of the options I knew I need to try a few out. so to start I got good old Amazon Basics brand, now I know what your saying Amazon makes their own filament? And I was sceptical too, but for the price it was worth the try. So i got the white and with Amazon prime I got it in 2 days

Get yours here (this is an affiliate link and I receive a small percentage of the sale from Amazon)

Right off the bat I liked this filament. It came in a zip lock bag that was vacuum sealed and on the roll they have a little window that let’s you know how much filament is left!

The first model I printed was a benchy and the first few prints didn’t do to well. I used 200c for my nozzle and 60c on the bed (my normal pla settings) and was getting no bed adhesion and the one print I did get to stick failed half way through.

So I decided to print a temp tower and found out that this pla likes to print in the 220c range, so with a few adjustments I got a decent benchy.

I could dial it in better but wanted to try and see what some other prints would look like so I printed out my maker coin and a flexi Rex.

All the prints came out nice. I still need to tweak a few things to get them perfect but all are usable prints. all in all this is a pretty good product at a great price and with prime its free 2 day shipping. If your looking for affordable pla this is a solid option I can’t wait to try some of the other brands. I’m going to start a monthly series where I try one new filament each month so make sure to sign up for the email notifications to keep up with all the new stuff going on. Also I have shirts and other merchandise on my Etsy Shop so make sure you check that out as all the profits are used to help fund the projects you see here and I’m very grateful for the support. Thank you for stopping by and let me know what your favorite filament is down in the comments section below see y’all next time

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