Maker Geek box UPDATE!!!!

So as you know i have a love/hate relationship with Maker Geeks. A couple of days after the blog post I wrote about them I got an email from them and in that email it stated what was going on with the company And being one who wants to know more I went to YouTube to see what others were saying about this and I stumbled upon a news broadcast that shed more light on the subject I leave this here if anyone is interested

So after I received this email I got another stating that my Maker Geek box had been mailed out. I was sceptical at first as I have received tracking information before and never got my product but a few days later I finally got my box! Apon opening it I found 2 spools of pla a magnet and some foam along with this boxes flyer with all the infoThe first spool is their Maker series pla in the urban fossil color (a green gray) and a spool of raptor series HD true black pla. After reading the flyer I found out the foam was for the group project a filament oiler so I loaded up the raptor series pla and went to thingiverse downloaded the stl and started printing and in about an hour it was doneThe black pla laid down nice and I might nide to dial it in a bit more but the print came out pretty good.

All in all not a bad box and I really like that the company is now stepping up and taking responsibility for their actions. Like I said before I really like there product and to have a subscription box service that sends 2 full spools every month is great in my opinion. I just hope they keep there word and start to deliver what they promise I know there are alot of people who have been burned by this company and I hope now the company takes responsibility and trys to rebuild what they have lost

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