Maker Box…

In this month’s everything Maker Box we got some really cool filament

There’s some PETG, Carbon fiber, Copper filled, PLA/PHA blend, and regular PLA. Once I opened this box I was like a kid at Christmas. I have always wanted to try carbon fiber and copper filled filament and now I get too without shelling out the big bucks for a full spool. As of writing this I have only be able to use one of the filaments in this month’s box, the Push Plastics mint PLA

this stuff prints great and the color is beautiful . I printed it using my standard PLA profile and set the hot end to 200c and had no problems at all. I think next I’m going to be trying the copper filled and all ready have a print in mind that I have been wanting to try.

If you have ever thought about getting a Maker Box I highly recommend it ( and no I’m not sponsored by them they are just a great company and put out a really good way to test out new filaments you might never had tryed any other way with that being said thank you for stopping by and reading my post if you like what I do consider sharing with your friends. I also have tshirts and other stuff for sale in my Etsy Shop. All the money goes to helping fund future projects and I’m am very grateful for all the support. See y’all next time

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