Why I love & hate Maker Geek’s

Maker Geek’s is a USA based 3d printer supply company that makes their own filament in house and runs a subscription box service where you get 2 full sized spools and some other swag. it’s an awesome way to get filament but here is the hate part why I love there filament, there shipping down right sucks for a lack of a better term.

when I first found out about this subscription box I was stoked. I could get 2 rolls of filament and some other stuff for the price of one so I jumped at the chance. Then the first box came super late ( I had to emailed them to find out what was going on) and at this point I should have listened to all the complaints and stopped my subscription but I thought let’s give them a chance and after this things got better. I got a few boxes on time and was very happy with the product. Then one month I didn’t receive my box I got a tracking number but no box came I emailed and got a response of were sorry but we don’t have anymore boxes but we can send you out 2 random spools and at this point I was disappointed but agreed and they sent them out pretty quickly. Then the next rolled in and agian no box so I emailed them again and got the same message. Now I’m mad. I took the random spools because like I said I love there product and needed some filament. A few weeks after this I went to there website to see when the next box was coming and I found that my account was gone. I once again emailed Maker Geek’s and found out that they were updating their systems and something happened to the accounts . I was told that they were working on the problem. I now sit here wondering if I’ll get this month’s box? I was told that all that info was still ok but with me not getting the last 2 I won’t be holding my breath . If this box does not show I will definitely be canceling my subscription and looking for other suppliers. Sorry this turned into a bit of a rant but on the bright side I have a question for you all, what filament do you all use and what are your go to companies? In a future post I think I’m going to review some filaments found on Amazon but in the meantime would love to here from you guys. Thanks for stopping by and remember that I have tshirts for sale on my Etsy Shop all the funds go to funding all the projects that I do thank you to everyone who has supported me and I’ll see y’all next time

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