God Killer is the sword that Wonder Women uses in battle and once I seen it I knew I had to have it!

In August 2018 I found the file for God Killer and started printing and from the start this sword was awesome

the sword printed in 5 pieces and i glued them together with super glue i then got lazy and did’nt sand it i just shot it with some filler primer and some rust-olem hammerd gold and bronze as well as some metallic silver these colors work great on a sword like this and im happy with the results the only thing im not happy about is my decision not to sand it the glue lines show in the paint and some of the layer lines show more than i like one day ill go back and redue it. i learned alot on this project and was the first sword i have completed

and cant wait to do more thanks for stopping by and dont forget to sign up for the mailing list to keep up with new post, also stop by my Etsy store i’m adding new things all the time and by buying you are helping me fund new and exciting projects thanks and see yall soon

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