December Maker Box!!!

I just received my first maker box from Printed Solid and cant wait to start using all the cool filament!!! a maker box is a subscription service that for a monthly fee will send you samples of various filament from different brands and gives you a chance to test them out and if you like them. this months box was curated by Joe Telling from the YouTube channel the 3d printing nerd. in this months box is filament from Polyalchemy, Filoalfa, Proto-pasta, Atomic, and Aprintapro as well as a small bottle of 3d gloop for pla and to be honest i cant wait to try these filaments out!!! the only down side is that you get about 40g or so of filament which is enough to print out a smaller sized print but the do included some coupons for some of the filaments so you can get them at a discounted price.

since this is my first box i cant tell yet how good of a deal this is but for now i think its a great way to try new filaments on the market with out having to but a full spool. if you subscribe to the maker box leave a message below telling everyone what you think of it. thanks for stopping by see y’all next time

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