my 3d printer

One day i got a wild hair and decided to get a 3D printer and yes my wife was not happy but thats not the point i always get asked about it so why not write a post

I own a Creality CR – 10 and i love this thing…..i know i know its not at the top of the list of the best 3d printers out there but for the price and print size i couldn’t resist. it has a 300mm x 300mm bed and will print 400mm tall so i knew i could print just about any thing i wanted on it and so far it hasn’t let me down (well after a few mods to make it better) out of the box it is a fine printer and will print fine but like a typical guy i had to make it better and the first thing i did was hook a raspberry pi 3b to it and have it run on octopirnt this means that i no longer had to mess with those little sd cards and now i can send files wireless and trust me to be able to slice a model and send it with out having to look for a micro sd card is a life saver. octoprint also lets you hook up a webcam and you can monitor your prints online plus it’ll take time laps photos which is a plus. i then added a th3d ezabl which took out the pain in the butt of leveling the bed. it took some time to get it installed and to reflash the bootloader but in the end the hard work pays off. Another “mod” was to get a different glass bed the one it shipped with was warped and the fix was easy, i went to lowes and got some mirror tiles and  pair that with a mat like the athorbot build surface and i have never had a problem with a part sticking after that. in the end its a good printer that can handle what ever you throw at it

thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions fell free to drop me a line and ill help with what ever i can. 

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